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The Basic essentials required for the Land Based Training Course
This is a package deal at a fantastic price and includes the following:
1 x Full Depth Box - Kitset NZ Pine
1 x Galvanized Lid
1 x Hive Mat. Assembled
1 x Kitset Commercial Base
10 x Kitset Frames. Full Depth 33mm end bars
12 x Sheets of Wax Foundation. Medium Brood 212.

You may also need a suit as well - Click here to go to them.


Other items you may be interested in but are not included in the package:

- Second & Third Storeys ready to go. Your hive will expand quickly and need extra space! These are very important to have on hand once you have your nuc

- Emlock Strapper. Great for keeping the hive secure

- Queen Excluder - stop the queen going into the honey supers!

- Bee Brush - Great for gently removing the bees of frames for inspections

- Entrance Reducer - helps the bees defend their hive and keep unwanted pests out

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