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InstantVap 18 volt battery powered, cordless oxalic acid vaporizer. Top quality product manufactured in Europe.

This unit makes Vaporizing a breeze for any beekeeper! Its only been on the market since end of 2021 and has been a massive hit in America and Europe. Beequip NZ are excited to be part of the journey by becoming NZ's Sole Distributor!

It is very cheap per application! The Oxalic Acid only costs 1.5 cents per beehive for a 3 gram dose (Based on buying a 25kg bag for $120.00 +GST in Feb 2023) Treat 1000 beehives for only $15.00 +GST.

The InstantVap is powered by common power tool batteries including:

  • Makita LXT 18V
  • Milwaukee M18
  • Bosch Blue / ProCore 18V
  • Dewalt XR18/20V & FelxVolt Batteries (Note: Power Stack batteries are incompatible)
  • Metabo 18V
  • Ozito PXC 18V
  • AEG Pro 18V 
  • HiKOKI / Hitachi 18V

The device is compatible with only one type of battery. Please select your type carefully. Price does not include any batteries. 

Check out our InstantVap Operational Guide for more info

Applications & suggested dose rates. Also view the video. See the link below.

1. For beehives with solid bases, apply 2g of vapour at the bottom entry. Block the entry with a wet towel for 7 minutes to trap all the vapour in the beehive while treating other beehives. It is best to treat the beehive when all the field bees are inside to get maximum mite kill. Eg. Cold weather, in the evening, or at night. It could also be done on a day when there is light rain, as long as you ensure that the insulation and electronics inside the InstantVap do not get wet.

2. For beehives with vented bases, use a vent blocker sheet and carry out the same process as stated above. The vent blockers can be removed after 7 minutes.

3. For beehives with vented bases that are very difficult to block, we recommend that you do a 3 gram dose from the top of the hive. A small notch cut from the rim of the hivemat is excellent for winter ventilation and a great spot to apply the vapour. If the beehive has lots of honey supers, a notch cut from the rim of the queen excluder can give good access for the vaporizer. we sell stainless steel excluders with an entry door which is ideal. See the examples on the video.

6 Amp/hr 18V Makita LXT Batteries also available here

A 12v Version with 4m leads and battery clips is also available here

Respirators must be worn when vaporizing - Check out our range here

For a quick overview on how this works, watch our video below:

Included with each Vaporizer:
1 x Vaporizer
1 x Plunger
1 x 500g of OA
2 x Silicone Caps
2 x Silicone Sleeves
2 x Spare O-Rings
2 x Cleaning Caps

The finer details:

  • The device has built-in battery protection electronics. It will turn off at 15.2V, and when connecting discharged battery, it does not turn on below 17.2V
  • Power: 18V; 240W; 13A
  • Approx. 1Ah is required for heating up, then 1Ah provides enough power for 9 to 10 two gram doses of oxalic acid treatment. Each 2 gram dose takes approx. 18 seconds to vaporize at 230 degrees Celsius.
  • Stainless, acid-resistant steel frame and dispenser
  • Accurate, dynamic solid-state relay & PID temperature control; i.e. no overheating, no waiting for cool-down
  • Real-time temperature display, controlled temperature, temperature can be individually adjusted from 100-240℃. Default temperature is 230℃ and what is generally recommended.
  • Fast, tool-free, roll-on adjustment of the oxalic acid dispenser, with 1-4 gram scale, dispensing oxalic acid with one push. Replacements or extras are available here They fit perfectly in the handle as well as in the dispenser chamber.
  • 6mm diameter strong brass outlet pipe, not prone to clogging due to the excellent design. Easy to access and clean in case of a blockage, the entire length of the tube is accessible. Some beekeepers drill a 7mm hole in the hive box and insert the nozzle into the hole.
  • Stable in the hive hole, does not fall out or tilt sideways, can support its own weight (But do not lean on it!)
  • There should be a minimum of 100mm free space in front of the nozzle otherwise some of the Oxalic will crystalize on the surface and be wasted.
  • Voltage indicator with nice digital readout. 
  • Insulated furnace, works well even in cold, windy weather.


Woodland Harvest Honey Co - Sep 23

"I bought an instant vap about a month back. I discovered when I did alcohol washes after pulling supers that I had some colonies with fairly heavy mite loads. I have stopped using the chemical mite treatments and formic acid or Thymol because of problems in the past with queens shutting down. Both products will work but if the temperature is too high you get into trouble. I use sticky boards and hit all the hives in a yard every four days until the boards show clean three days after treatment. Usually that's three to five times. The hives keep going business as usual and no queens have stopped laying. In fact they start laying more when the mites are getting cleaned out. I haven't seen any problems with the bees that could be blamed on the OA. The machine is expensive but cheap compared to what the other treatments cost or the cost of a lost colony. Where I live the bees will go broodless about the end of November (Northern Hemisphere) and I'll hit them again two or three times. That will get them through until spring buildup. The instant vap is a game changer"

InstantVap Vaporizer 18 volt
InstantVap Vaporizer 18 volt
InstantVap Vaporizer 18 volt
InstantVap Vaporizer 18 volt
InstantVap Vaporizer 18 volt
InstantVap Vaporizer 18 volt