Vertical Queen Excluder


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Reduce the queen laying area to 3 full depth frames. The two parts clip together and are 3mm thick. The vertical part fits neatly into the grooves of a Technosetbee full depth brood box.

It also works well with a wooden brood box – in some cases it may need a small trim with a craft knife to fit better but it should be fine.

The main thing is to make sure it is queen tight around where it meets the floor. Our Technoset bases do a great job with this, as you can buy entrances with a slot to locate it at the floor and keep it queen tight.

A fantastic tool for Queen breeders. Use the excluder to cover 3 empty brood frames. Lock the queen in for one day only, then remove her to the other side of the excluder. The exact age of the larvae is then known at grafting time and the exact day that the queens will emerge from the queen cells. The cells can be safely left in this enclosure without the risk of the queen destroying them.

An additional 3-Frame Excluder can be fitted to the other side of the brood box. Three queens can be overwintered in some areas. It is highly recommended to use the top 4 litre feeder. Special separate entrances can be supplied to remove any risk of a queen going into one of the other enclosures via the entrance. Call us for more information.

This excluder can also be used to control brood production in a big honey flow. 

Manufactured from high quality food grade polypropylene. Weight: 0.35 Kg

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Vertical Queen Excluder
Vertical Queen Excluder