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Hive stands are designed to protect the colonies from humidity, floods, predators and pests. The elevated height also assists the worker bees for an easier landing especially in places where dense weeds grow.

Excellent for Ant Control!  Ants can be extremely destructive in beehives by eating stores, eating brood and spreading disease.

Place some old carpet 1m square on the ground. Place the hive stand on top. Lightly grease a 20mm section of each of the 8 support bars. Then place the beehive on the stand. See photos. The ants will not cross the grease layer. The carpet will stop grass and weeds growing up under the stand. For extra control, place ant poison under the carpet. A piece of weed mat can also be placed under the carpet for extra weed control.

Very strong and durable. Can be used to elevate most styles of beehive base (bottom boards).

Tray dimensions are 525mm x 436mm.
Standard height is 180mm. 
Weight: 3.3 kg
Made in Europe.

A 4mm allen key is required to secure the legs to the tray.

8 year warranty.

Please note:- Stock colours may be different to the photos shown.

Hive Stand
Hive Stand
Hive Stand
Hive Stand