How to Fit a RobberGard to an Original Hive Doctor Floor

Check out the video below for a brief overview on how to fit the 153 RobberGard to your original version Hive Doctor floor. More Pictures and instructions are further down the page.

For a start, ensure your boxes are sitting behind the front lugs, of the floor, but hard up against them so the entry disc is the only way in. 

To modify the RobberGard, you simply need to make two cuts with tin snips in line with the two plastic bumps each side of the entry disc. Then bend the sides a little so it closes up the gaps on the edge.

One thing to watch will be the potential gaps as shown in the photo below – you may need to fill these with something like a flat head nail to ensure the wasps don't get through:


Note: This modification will make it so you can only use the RobberGard with the brood box located in the Autumn / Winter / Spring position.