Nucleus Beehives Equipment

Technosetbee have a range of excellent systems for splitting beehives and then providing conditions for a fast build-up. The top feeders take up no valuable space in the hive and can be filled with syrup and pollen patties without disturbing the bees. The syrup feeder has a special "no drown" design. Extra storeys with divider boards can be added. The bees will build up quicker if they can grow upwards (rather than sideways) and share some heat from the colony on the other side of the divider board. These systems are available in full depth and 3/4 depth options.

Different colour entry guards help the queen on mating flights (and the bees) to identify their own colony when they return.

When both boxes are full, one layer of Nucleus hives can be sold with the queens included. New caged queens (or cells) and another brood box can be added to repeat the process. With good management and good queens, you can produce at least six 5-frame Nucs in a season and a crop of honey, all under one roof!

Slotted excluders are available so that community honey boxes can be added during the honey flow.


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All frames commonly sold in NZ will suit these Langstroth boxes so you can get started immediately with this great technology by putting your frames of bees straight into the Technoset beehives.