Invert Sugar Syrup


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Bees get hungry during winter and Spring
Our sugar syrup is the perfect option to give them that much need boost.

Invert sugar syrup is often considered better for feeding bees compared to regular sugar syrup due to its composition and digestibility. Here are a few reasons why invert sugar syrup is preferred:

Easier digestion: Invert sugar syrup is a mixture of glucose and fructose, which are monosaccharides that bees can readily absorb and utilize for energy. In contrast, regular sugar syrup is primarily composed of sucrose, a disaccharide that bees need to break down into glucose and fructose before they can digest it. Invert sugar syrup eliminates this extra step, making it easier for the bees to digest and use the energy immediately.

Nutritional benefits: In addition to glucose and fructose, invert sugar syrup contains trace amounts of other nutrients and minerals that are beneficial for the bees' health. These additional components can provide some nutritional support, especially during periods when natural nectar sources are limited.

Reduced crystallization: Invert sugar syrup has a higher ratio of fructose to glucose compared to regular sugar syrup, which helps prevent crystallization. Crystallization can occur when bees store the sugar syrup in their hive and the water content evaporates, leaving behind crystallized sugar. Invert sugar syrup's lower tendency to crystallize makes it more convenient for the bees to store and consume over time.

Enhanced stimulation: Bees are naturally attracted to the taste of nectar, which contains a mixture of glucose and fructose. Invert sugar syrup closely mimics the composition of nectar, making it more appealing to the bees and stimulating their foraging behavior. This can be particularly useful in situations where beekeepers need to encourage hive activity or provide supplementary food sources.


Invert Sugar Syrup, 67 Brix, 2:1 Heavy Mix 

Available in 4 & 20 Litre options

Invert Sugar Syrup
Invert Sugar Syrup