Sugar Syrup Tanks

Putting your deck space at a Premium

Beequip has the ideal Sugar Syrup tank for you. The super slimline tank holds 500L while still offering generous deck space. Enquire today!

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DELUXE Honda 500L Tank Package 

With mixer jets fitted inside 


Lift Straps sold separately  

Honda POWERED 500L Packages

From: $2600 +GST 



Interconnect tanks for more capacity. Only 1 pump needed. Each tank has a separate shut-off valve so you can have different feed in each. 

For example:- 

  • light syrup and heavy syrup 
  • syrup with additives and syrup without 
The two tanks together are 1710 x 745 x 1150mm high.

Slimline 500L tank only

1710 x 390 x 1150mm high

$1050 +GST 

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