Heated Tank - 70 litre


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This large 304 grade stainless steel heated tank makes it nice and easy to liquify up to 100kg of crystallized honey, or wax or anything that requires gentle heat!

The tank has an outer jacket which is filled with water or oil. The electric element heats the liquid in the outer jacket directly to provide a very safe and even heat to the contents inside the tank.

The tank holds up to 70 litres of liquid and can be heated close to 100 degrees with water in the jacket or 110 degrees with oil. The tank has an outlet at the bottom. A ball valve comes as standard. You can also fit a honey gate, sold separately here.

The unit has an accurate and easy-to-use thermostatic control. Adjustable from 40°C to 100°C.  Simply turn the dial to the desired temperature. Once the jacket has heated to the desired temperature, the thermostat only supplies power to the heating element as it is needed to maintain the correct temperature.

The outer jacket has a sight tube on the side of the tank so you can see at a glance the level of the liquid.

Dimensions:- The tank is 500mm diameter plus any of the fittings on the side.  Maximum height to the top of the knob on the lid is 730mm.

230 volt, 2000 watt.

Heated Tank - 70 litre
Heated Tank - 70 litre
Heated Tank - 70 litre