Paper Laminates


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These paper laminates are made from 4 layers of cellulose paper sewn together to hold a chemical solution. Perfumes and fumigants can be used in many applications. Many beekeepers in NZ use these paper laminates to soak up a solution of Oxalic Acid and Glycerine. 

Click here for suggested mixing solutions

There are two options of size and protection.


52mm - Your laminate will be 52mm wide and will hold the most solution for a larger application or a longer application time.

28mm - Your laminate will be 28mm wide so it will hold less solution for smaller application or shorter application time.


Edge Protected - this means your paper laminate will come with its edges over-locked to make it last longer and increase potential for multiple applications.

No Protection - This means your paper laminate will have open edges, exposed to its elements. Although these are cheaper they may not last as long.

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Paper Laminates
Paper Laminates
Paper Laminates