Field Trial with InstantVap

We had a hive (Hive 20) with serious varroa re-invasion issues this autumn. As a field trial we vaporized it with Oxalic Acid (OA) and took the opportunity to monitor the results of mites dropping through the vented base onto a white tray.

The results were outstanding.

Interestingly, the hive next to it had a RobberGard and the mite levels were at low and manageable levels. I have since fitted a RobberGard to the base of this hive (Hive 20). 

Check out the results below.

The image above shows 791 varroa mites that dropped in 11.75 hours! After each count, the tray was cleaned.

The results show varroa mites are still dying as a result of the Oxalic Acid vapour, 4 days later. We believe that the InstantVap Vaporizers  are a "must-have" in every beekeepers tool kit.

We run Oxalic / Glycerine Beequip cardboard strips in our hives all season, and in winter if they still have brood. That is the first line of defense and has worked very well for us over the last 2 years except for the occasional hive in the Autumn that doesn’t have a RobberGard. We don’t use any synthetic varroa treatments.

The photos below show Hive 20 before and after fitting a RobberGard


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