Hivemanager Beekeeping App

Beekeeping made smarter, simpler & more intuitive than ever. The Hivemanager app puts all your resources into the palm of your hands. From data collection, to management, analysis, and more. Enjoy a more efficient and productive workflow with Hivemanager on your side. Beequip is honoured to be the exclusive sales and support agent for Hivemanager.
How it Works
This app allows you to log property and apiary details all in one place. You can record activities, manage priorities, plot different locations, input and analyse data, and share all this information with your team. All of which can be done on your apple or android mobile device and web browser whether you are working on or offline.
How it Helps
Designed to help automate the processes involved in productive and efficient beekeeping, streamlining these processes means beekeepers are able to work better than ever. Accessing all your resources in the one place allows you to monitor compliance, better manage tasks, and input data quicker and easier. Thus, giving keepers more time to tend to their hives accordingly.
The Hivemanager Difference
Hivemanager was designed to be intuitive, effective, and easy to use. The app itself was developed in conjunction with commercial beekeepers to ensure that every feature was optimal and easy to use. The software is inherently versatile meaning you are able to tailor it to provide the results that suit you best. Download and use the beekeeping app on your laptop or mobile device, be it Apple, Android, Windows, or Web Browser. Hivemanager allows you to keep working even when you need to go offline.
Features and Benefits
Data Entry
Enter crucial data into the app to record and track your property and apiary locations. Enter data easily without the need for extensive paperwork to be filled out. This also means you can reference previous data on the go as well as share data input with your team members. The app makes data entry more accessible than ever.
Data Analysis
Being able to analyse existing data means you can better prioritise tasks. The app allows you to filter your aparies according to dates, times, locations, and tags.
Data Sharing
When using Hivemanager online your entire team and property owners will be able to see up-to-date data. This makes for a more cohesive workflow, improved accountability, and increased productivity. All while helping to eliminate any double handling and miscommunication. 
Activity Planning
The activity entry feature allows you to plan and categorise your workflow. Manage locations that need extra care, identify and track stronger hives, swarm risks, flowering routes and more.
Compliance Management
Access all the regulatory information you need and keep track of your data to ensure you always meet and surpass compliance standards. The app also allows you to check any risks or hazards on and offline so work can always be done as safely as possible. You can also record when and where AFB (American Foulbrood) and other disease checks have taken place.
Data Security
With automated back-ups and recovery in place your data will always be kept safe. You have the option to tailor security settings according to differing user types. Access protection will also eliminate any unauthorised access to your data.  
Rectifying Common Bee Industry Pain Points
Hivemanager allows many of the common industry pain points to be rectified and turned into more efficient processes. Through improved communication your team can work independently yet cohesively. Having data entry and analysis accessible at all times means your team is always able to see up to date information and tasks. By implementing smarter technology, you can say goodbye to paperwork and eliminate the risk of human error or miscommunication in your workflow.  Hivemanager allows you to do your job better in every way, making the industry as a whole stronger.
Shaping the Future of the Bee Industry
The role of the beekeeper is more important than ever. The need to not only preserve the art of beekeeping but to improve on it, allowing it to evolve is something Hivemanager is paving the way in. By making processes easier, more efficient, and accessible than ever, not only the job but the product improves too. Better processes mean better beekeeping which in turn means more honey!
How You Can Implement Hivemanager
The Hivemanager beekeeper application is available to download from the Apple store or Playstore. You can also sign up on the Hivemanager website and enjoy a free 60 day trial.