2in1 Hive - Package


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Where a weak hive going into the honey season will typically bring you no honey to harvest, this setup changes all that!

Unlock the Potential of Smaller Colonies:
Beequip 2-in-1 Beehives are meticulously crafted to help beekeepers like you achieve maximum production from smaller colonies. By housing two smaller colonies side by side, you create a dynamic synergy that multiplies their efficiency.

Community Supers for Abundant Honey:
Our innovative design includes community supers, a shared space where your bees collaborate to store honey. This cooperative environment ensures that they harvest more honey than they would individually. 

Simplified Hive Management:
We understand that successful beekeeping requires ease and convenience. With Beequip 2-in-1 Beehives, you can effortlessly check the outer brood box, making colony inspections a breeze. You can also feed and treat for varroa mites.

Package includes:
2 x 2in1 Galv Lids
2 x 2in1 Hive Mats
2 x 2in1 Queen Excluders
1 x 2in1 Slotted 3/4 Super

2in1 Hive - Package
2in1 Hive - Package