3x3 Frame Nuc Adapter Kit


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Convert your beehives to 3 x 3-Frame Nucs!
Simply add your standard lid, hive mat, a full depth box of brood and 3 queen cells to make up these nucleus beehives.

This setup has huge benefits as it is a low cost way of setting up multiple nucleus hives for long term use. Having 3 nucs under one roof saves time when checking hives and they share heat between them, saving precious energy stores to keep warm.

Check out our instruction guide here.

The top feeders are excellent. They take no space in the brood box and allow you to feed sugar syrup and pollen patties to each Nuc without disturbing the bees.

Each of the entries can be a different colour to help the queens return to the right colony after mating flights.

This 3 x 3 frame nucleus beehive can be used to over-winter 3 autumn mated queens or the dividers can be removed and the 3 colonies united to become one colony for the winter. If using the hive without dividers, a strip of wood or piece of foam is required between the feeders to keep the feeder area bee proof.

Please note. The plastic divider boards may need to be slightly trimmed at each end to fit your wooden brood box. Wooden brood boxes in NZ can vary slightly in their internal dimensions.

This kit includes:
1x Technoset vented base
1x pair of Technoset Nucleus entry guards
1x Technoset Q8 Rear Entry (to be fitted)
2x Technoset Divider boards. Full depth.
3 x Technoset top feeders for syrup and patties
1x Kitset wooden rim. To suit hive mat and to keep the feeder cavity bee proof.