Additional Tank - To Suit Honda Tank Package


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This is an additional 500 litre tank that can be connected to the back of any Honda Tank Packages, effectively giving you double capacity using minimal deck space on your truck. This of course comes with all the great following features:

Tank Dimensions: 1700mm wide, 1150mm high with lid, 400mm deep.
The filler cap has a breather valve and is bee proof.
Comes with palletized system ready to connect to another palletized Honda package.
The tanks stack together and can be interconnected.
The tank has three surge baffles and is very stable on uneven ground when ¾ full.

This includes a pair of larger steel straps (3mm thick) to secure both tanks to the base frame.

Mixer Jets are not fitted in the tank, as standard, but can be if desired. Most beekeepers use the primary tank for mixing then transfer the contents to the second tank without the mixer jets.

Allow 1 - 5 weeks lead time. Call us if you are urgent.