Apiguard Thymol Gel


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Apiguard Thymol Gel.

The Thymol scent is very powerful at killing any Varroa mites that are in the hive but not in capped brood.

50g tray - Use one tray per hive per application.

3kg Tub - Comes with measuring scoop - 50g per application

Full instructions are included with each dispatch.

Recommended application:- Put 50g (there is a measuring scoop that comes with the tub) on a supplied card on top of the upper most brood box with a spacer rim or empty super. 

The bees take the gel out of the hive. That activity spread the vapours through the brood box. 

Repeat the procedure 2 weeks later with another 50g dose. 

Registered for use in Australia in NSW and ACT as at 13-10-2023.
Product name:- Apiguard® Prod65570 

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