Apisolis Non-Toxic Smoker


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Discover Apisolis, the future of beekeeping innovation. Revolutionizing hive inspections, Apisolis provides a modern, healthier alternative to traditional smokers by harnessing the power of gentle and safe vapour.

Key Features:

Comfort: Apisolis excels in user-friendliness. Featuring automatic shut-off for efficiency, it simplifies hive inspections, making them smoother and more enjoyable.

Health: Designed with safety in mind, Apisolis eliminates flames, reducing burn risks and harmful vapor inhalation. Its gentle steam ensures a secure experience for both beekeepers and bees alike. Smoke from fires is carcinogenic and some beekeepers get asthma from the smoke inhalation. Use Apisolis to avoid these health hazard.

Safety: You can't start a fire with an Apisolis! Excellent tool when there is a fire ban. Many forestry companies ban smokers from their forests in summer. Here is the safe answer. Equipped with automatic temperature control and capable of producing uniform output, Apisolis generates vapors only as needed, minimizing accidents during use.

Repairability: Fully repairable, Apisolis guarantees durability with available spare parts, ensuring a long lifespan and sustained performance.

Low running costs: The tank on the Apisolis holds 15 mls of fragrance and will last for 460 long slow puffs! 

Top Quality. Made in France.

Pack Contents:

This comprehensive pack includes everything needed to begin using Apisolis:

  • 1 Apisolis Vaporizer: The core component, featuring innovative, user-friendly design.
  • 1 Apisolis Native - 120ml: A specially formulated solution for generating soothing and safe vapor. Click Here for more solution. The bottle will fill the tank on the Apisolis 8 times.
  • 2x Coils: Ensuring extended and reliable use of the vaporizer. Click Here for replacement coils. One coil is required to create the vapour. The second one is a spare part to keep in storage. 
  • 1 USB Charger Cord: Convenient for quick charging wherever you are.

Apisolis complements rather than replaces traditional smokers and is ideal for non-aggressive colonies and routine checks. It’s the preferred choice for beekeepers prioritizing health, bee welfare, and environmental impact. Start with Apisolis today for gentler, safer, and more sustainable beekeeping practices.

Apisolis Non-Toxic Smoker
Apisolis Non-Toxic Smoker