Bee Mite Treatment: Apivar Miticide Strips


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For control and treatment of Varroa mites.

Recommended treatment of 2 strips per 10 frame brood box. 

Available in the following packets:
4 PACK contains 4 Apivar Strips - NEW!
12 PACK contains 12 Apivar Strips 
60 PACK contains 60 Apivar Strips 

Cartons of 60 Packs (1080 Strips) available for $4,320+GST - Contact us direct to purchase.

Protect your bee colony against attack from mites with the Apivar Varroa treatmentThe active substance in this treatment is proven safe for your brood and hive products. 
These strips are manufactured to consistently release the right amount of substance to effectively control mite infestation. The slow release technology ensures effective coverage throughout your hive for a long period. 
Apivar Bee Varroa Mite Strips work by releasing Amitraz, an ingredient that is highly toxic for mites yet totally safe for your honey, beeswax, brood, and queen. It won’t leave any residue in your hive products and will keep your hive healthy and happy. 

Registered for use in Australia in NSW and ACT as at 13-10-2023.
Product name:- Apivar Prod88615

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Contact the Beequip team regarding Apivar urgent enquiries or further information on your order.   

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why do I need to treat my bees for mites?

We already know that bees play a vital role in both the eco system and economy. This is why looking after them and ensuring their health as a species is crucial. 

Mites like the Varroa mite feed off bees in their larva stage. This introduces a number of harmful bacteria and diseases to bees in your hive. This weakens your entire colony putting them at risk and perpetuating the spread of mites into other colonies.   

What affect do the mites have on bees?

Larva that has been attacked by Varroa mites can suffer from: 

  • Shorter life spans

  • Deformed wings

  • Poor immune systems

  • Feeding issues

  • Mating complications

  • Lower pesticide resistance

All of the above make it significantly harder for bees to perform their duty in a hive and thus make it harder for the hive to survive. 

What are Varroa mites?

Varroa mites are parasites that externally attack the Honeybee. Through exportation over decades these mites have come in contact with colonies of both Asian and European Honeybee’s. 

The mites cause disease in hives known as Varroatosis and are understood to be a leading cause of colony collapse disorder. 

How do I know if I need to treat my hive?

As these mites are incredibly small they are often hard to detect. If your colony is heavily infested they will show obvious symptoms however, if infestation levels are low or just starting out the symptoms can be much harder to spot.  

It is advised to routinely check your hives around the change in seasons ( once in spring and once in autumn per year). 

How Do I Check for Mites?

You can check for Varroa mites in a number of ways including: 

  • Mite catchment strips

  • Sugar dusting

  • Alcohol wash

  • Uncapping

Make sure you do your research and find out which method of testing will work best for your hive. 

How Do I Treat MHive With Apivar Strips?

Apivar strips are one of the most easy and effective forms of treatment against varroa mites.  

How to use Apivar strips:

Simply remove the strips from their packaging and separate them. Each strip has hanging hooks cut into them. Hang each strip between comb frames in the bee cluster. It is best to allow a minimum of two frames between each strip.  

Leave strips to hang for at least 8 weeks and up to 10 weeks. Make sure to dispose of after use. While your strips are in, be sure to keep an eye on the brood nest cluster. if the cluster moves, reposition the strips accordingly for best results.

Bee Mite Treatment: Apivar Miticide Strips
Bee Mite Treatment: Apivar Miticide Strips
Bee Mite Treatment: Apivar Miticide Strips
Bee Mite Treatment: Apivar Miticide Strips