Bayvarol Strips


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Sold in Pack of 20 strips .

1 Pack contains 5 sachets of 4 strips.

1 Carton contains 200 sachets of 4 strips

Cartons of 200 Packs (800 Strips) available for $1710+GST - Contact us direct to purchase.

1 sachet treats 1 x 10 frame brood box.

- Highly effective for controlling Varroa mites.

- easy to use strips

- safe for the beekeeper

- Large contact area

- very little effect on beeswax, propolis and comb honey and bees

How to use:
Just bend back the two tabs and hook the strips over the top edge of the wooden frame. A single treatment of the bee colonies is sufficient. Strips should not be re-used.

Due to the specially designed tabs, the strips are suspended in such a way that the bees can easily crawl on both sides. Bayvarol Strips are suspended into the spaces between the combs in the central brood rearing area (i.e. not in the honey supers). Normally developed colonies receive four strips per brood chamber.

Useful Information:
Bayvarol Strips are generally used in Summer, immediately after the honey season. At that time the mite population has not yet reached critical proportions and the bee colony hasn't yet suffered any obvious damage. Ideally the strips should not be used during peak honey flow periods. However, Bayvarol can be used at any time of the year for diagnosis or in severe infestations where there is a threat to the survival of the colony.
If emergency treatment for an infestation is necessary while honey supers are present, comb honey should not be sold.
The specific mite activity on Bayvarol Strips ensures that the honey bees are reliably cleared of Varroa infection with an extremely low close: One strip contains only 3.6mg active substance.

Not recommended for use when honey supers are fitted to the beehive.

PLEASE NOTE: Carton lots may take 2-3 working days to dispatch - call us if you want to know exactly when. We will endeavour to get them out you as soon as possible.


Bayvarol Strips
Bayvarol Strips