Beequip 500 Tank with Honda Pump


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These new 500 litre Slimline Tanks are a "must-have" for any beekeeper doing sugar syrup feeding. The features make it incredibly convenient and very useful without it getting in the way. These features include:

  • New Palletized system with a metal frame to hold the tanks in place, protect the motor and mount the hose reel securely.
  • 50mm Honda Petrol Pump with silicone carbide seal. 4.8hp
  • Level Indicator Tube.
  • Tank Dimensions: 1700mm wide, 1150mm high with lid, 400mm deep.
  • With connections for petrol pump: 1845 mm wide.
  • Overall width including Honda pump frame: 1850mm wide.
  • Overall dimensions when mounted on steel frame with 50mm base runners:  1850 x 955 x 1240 high. This includes 3 beehive space on the frame.
  • For a small cost, we can fit a 12mm treated plywood panel to the deck space on the frame if desired. 1220mm x 550mm. Code is 920-0330.
  • The base runners can be supplied at customized lengths to suit specific deck widths.
  • The filler cap has a breather valve and is bee proof.
  • The tanks stack together and can be interconnected.
  • The tank has three surge baffles and is very stable on uneven ground when ¾ full.
  • Special mixing jets are fitted inside the primary tank to allow you to mix your own syrup or mix feed additives.

  • Easy to add extra tanks to add another 500 litres capacity. By simply adjusting valves, you can have these tanks in parallel supply or with separate supplies to pump and hose.

3 Options available for the Beequip 500 Tank with Honda Pump are:

Without a Delivery Hose

With a 16 meter 25mm diameter Hose & a Manual Hose Reel.

With a 20 meter 20mm diameter Hose & an auto retract hose reel.

Allow 1 - 5 weeks lead time. Call us if you are urgent.


Beequip 500 Tank with Honda Pump
Beequip 500 Tank with Honda Pump
Beequip 500 Tank with Honda Pump
Beequip 500 Tank with Honda Pump
Beequip 500 Tank with Honda Pump