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Food grade high density cardboard. 11g.
Can be soaked in Oxalic Acid  and Glycerine  Solution.
30mm x 388mm with 2 creases for easy folding
Soaks up 23 grams of product.

Minimum order of 20 strips
86 per bundle, 1376 per carton

Check out our packages here, with everything you need to get started, including these....

Soaker crates - available for easy soaking of the strips.

The strips are packed in bundles of 86 because that is the ideal number for each slot in the soaker crate. The soaker crates have 6 slots and can soak 516 strips at a time. Check out the video below for a comprehensive overview of our strips:

Beekeepers have been using Oxalic Acid mixed with Glycerine all over the world for many years. They have found it extremely beneficial to the health of the colony. It can be used at any time of the year and the secret to its effectiveness is to maintain regular treatments. Colonies with high mite loadings have a lot of bees with stab wounds and suffering from virus infections. When Oxalic acid treatments are applied, many of these bees will go outside and die. This has even been observed during the night after a treatment on the previous day. If most of the bees are healthy, virtually zero adult bee mortality is observed.

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Beequip run their own beehives for research and development and all the staff at Beequip have beekeeping experience. Oxalic acid solutions have been extensively researched and tested to maximise the results. The current economic challenges require most beekeepers to look at reducing costs wherever possible. All the products on this page have been developed to maintain healthy hives and to reduce the costs involved to achieve this. The cardboard strips are a new product release and are extremely environmentally friendly. When ready for removal, they can be left in front of the hive to kill weeds and harmlessly rot away. And they are very cheap!
Equipment has been developed to make it easy to safely soak the cardboard or paper laminates and very easy to drain off excess solution. Full mixing instructions are supplied when these products are purchased. The strips are stored in convenient tubs with clip on lids, and can be safely carried around on the back of the ute at all times. New strips can be fitted in seconds while the beekeeper is carrying out their usual routine duties.

For maximum dose, use 3 - 4 strips per BB (brood box). Locate next to brood. The bees must walk on it. A very effective treatment routine could typically be as follows. 3 strips per BB early Aug. Repeat in Sep and Oct. 3 strips per hive in Nov when adding honey supers. 3 strips per BB early Feb when removing honey crop. Repeat in March. 3 strips per hive when wintering down early May. Every area will have its own unique aspects to consider. Some areas with require less treatments than this example. It is very important to conduct mite tests to ascertain what is happening. 

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Beequip Strips
Beequip Strips