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Food grade high density cardboard. 11g.
Can be soaked in Oxalic Acid  and Glycerine  Solution.
30mm x 388mm with 2 creases for easy folding
Soaks up 23 grams of product.

Minimum order of 20 strips
80 per bundle, 1280 per carton

Check out our packages here, with everything you need to get started, including these....

Soaker crates - available for easy soaking of the strips.

The strips are packed in bundles of 80 because that is the ideal number for each slot in the soaker crate. The soaker crates have 6 slots and can soak 480 strips at a time. Check out the video below for a comprehensive overview of our strips:

Beekeepers have been using Oxalic Acid mixed with Glycerine all over the world for many years. They have found it extremely beneficial to the health of the colony. It can be used at any time of the year and the secret to its effectiveness is to maintain regular treatments.

Beequip run their own beehives for research and development and all the staff at Beequip have beekeeping experience. Oxalic acid solutions have been extensively researched and tested to maximise the results. The current economic challenges require most beekeepers to look at reducing costs wherever possible. The cardboard strips are extremely environmentally friendly when it comes time for disposal, as compared to the millions of plastic strips that are used in the industry, and end up in land fill. 

Click here to view our mixing guide for oxalic acid and glycerine

Beequip Strips
Beequip Strips
Beequip Strips