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We all know how hard bees make it to get supers apart! Their propolis and wax sticks everything together like its glue. Getting supers apart can prove a challenging task. but not anymore with Beequip's latest release - The Box Cracker™!

After many Beekeepers requesting a tool to help with harvesting honey, we have developed the Box Cracker™. This is a tool that will make breaking honey boxes apart so much easier, and not only that, we made a Escape Tool to match it so you can put a bee escape on without even lifting the honey supers off.

It can be quickly adjusted to suit 6 different lift heights

Go to the Box Cracker™ Escape Tool Here

Check out the action video below!


Made in house from top quality materials and protected by a durable power coating.
This tool is built to last and will save you or your team hours of back breaking work.