3/4 Depth Manuka Special 157mm Wax Foundation


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Sheet Size: 422 x 157mm

Approximately 240 Sheets fit in a carton. Cartons may have up 1 week lead time or more.

Manuka Special is a thicker style often used in the brood and honey chambers. Being thicker it gives more durability to the frame once drawn out and also gives the bees more wax to work with while drawing it out.

All of the beeswax used for this comb foundation is first heated to approximately 110 degrees Celsius before being micro filtered to remove all dross and moisture. This ensures that when you buy our comb foundation, you are only paying for pure beeswax.

The filtered liquid beeswax then passes to the sheeting machine.This converts the beeswax from a liquid state into a continuous flat sheet and is one of the secrets of making high quality comb foundation. During this process, the beeswax gains greatly in elasticity and strength to the point where a piece of cold comb foundation can be scrunched up and then flattened out again without breaking.

The rolls of sheet then pass to the automatic milling machine. The pure beeswax sheet passes between two precision engraved rollers which imprint the pattern onto the beeswax. The continuous sheet is then cut to size.

Throughout the process, stringent quality control checks are continuously carried out. The life of our Comb Foundation is indefinite if stored in proper packaging and in dry conditions.  Because of its purity, it is not attacked by wax moths.