Economy Extraction Pack


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This is the perfect way to get started extracting small amounts of honey.

It has all you need to do it in a basic way.

The kit includes:

1x 20l (30kg) Polypail with lid

1x 20l (30kg) Polypail with lid and Honey gate fitted.

1 x Uncapping fork

1 x Manual uncapping knife

1 x Stainless steel honey strainer

10 x 500g Honey Pottles

Use the uncapping fork to uncap the cells or try using the uncapping knife after heating it up in boiling water.

Once uncapped, lie the frame face down on a rack over a clean food tray to allow the honey come out of the cells. Using a little bit of gentle heat will make the honey come out faster.

Store the honey in the pail with the honey gate. Once it is full or you have completed extraction let it out through the honey gate into the other drum while filtering it with the honey strainer.

Once the pail with the honey gate is completely emptied and cleaned out, put the filtered honey back in it. Then using the honey gate, pottle your honey!

Ensure wherever you do this, it is bee proof!