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Beequip NZ is now the approved distributor of Feedbee in NZ!

Used in New Zealand for over 15 years, and trusted by thousands of beekeepers worldwide, Feedbee is one of the best feed supplements available on the market. Known to double brood population, double colony population & also double honey production!

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Sold in 3kg pails or 20kg bags, Feedbee powder can be fed directly to the hives, mix into a patty or as a liquid feed. Used by over 60 countries world wide, Feedbee is one you can trust to give your hive the best boost!

Make your own Pollen Patties and save!
Use a dough mixer to make your own patties and pack into paper pie bags ready to use.
The ingredients for 20kg of patties will cost between $59.00 and $68.50 +GST depending on the quantity buy rates*
The ingredients for 5kg of patties will cost around $24.00 +GST*.
Mixing instructions are supplied with your order.
All ingredients required will be available on the website in the near future.
Very cost effective and productive.

Highly Nutritious Diet for Honeybees, Feedbee has numerous features:

  • It was developed at the University of Guelph Canada in 2004. After 12 years of research in the field of Micro-Livestock & Honeybee nutrition the product design came about.
  • It was developed by advanced knowledge of Honeybee Nutritional Requirements, Nutrient Composition of Various Natural Pollen, Honeybees Adaptability to Various Feed Materials and Nutritional & Biological Values of Feed Materials
  • It is made from 100% natural & non-agricultural plant parts e.g. roots, seeds, grains, leaves, etc. and does not contain bee pollen, hive products, chemicals, synthetic materials, animal products, artificial colours, flavours, extracts or preservatives.
  • Provides Highly Digestible Natural Protein with essential Amino-Acids to Honeybees.
  • Provides High Quality Vitamins & Minerals.
  • Enhances Colony's Health & Immunity to Resist Against Common Diseases & Mites.

*Prices valid June 2022

Feedbee Powder
Feedbee Powder
Feedbee Powder