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Introducing FeedBee Patties - the ultimate solution to boost your hive like never before! These patties have been trusted and used by beekeepers in NZ for over 15 years, and are specially formulated to allow maximum digestion of all the rich nutrients.

One of the key features of FeedBee Patties is that they contain no processed oils. Processed oils can potentially act as a laxative and cause bees to defecate lots of undigested food, which can be detrimental to their health. With FeedBee Patties, your bees will be able to consume all the nutrients and benefit from their full potential.

FeedBee Patties come packed in a cellophane bag that is 100% biodegradable. The patties are available in 300g packs that are packed in 3kg pails or 12kg cartons. What's more, these patties stay moist in the hive! The cellophane bag keeps them moist, and the bees chew them back as they go.

In summary, FeedBee Patties are the perfect solution for beekeepers who want to ensure their hives are healthy and thriving. These patties are specially formulated to provide maximum digestion of all the rich nutrients, and their unique packaging ensures they stay moist in the hive. Try FeedBee Patties today and see the difference they make to your hives!

To find out more about Feebee Supplement, click here. You can also purchase it power if you want to mix up your own patties.

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Feedbee Patties - 300g
Feedbee Patties - 300g
Feedbee Patties - 300g