Full Depth Kitset Frame


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Full Depth Kitset frame.

Perfect for those winter months if you want to save the extra dime!

Minimum order quantity of 10


33mm - Your Kitset frames will have an endbar size of 33mm. 33mm Gives you plenty of space in the brood box with 10 frames giving you more flexibility on how you place your frames and also allowing for the wax and propolis build up on the frames. This is often used in brood chambers as they get clogged up the most.

35mm Your Kitset frames will have an endbar size of 35mm. 35mm means that 10 frames will fit in a standard super with a near perfect fit. This will give thicker built out frames and also consistent spacing between the frames. This is often used in honey supers to get the thicker frames and more yield.

10mm grooved bottom bar.

230mm high

100 per carton - 3500 per pallet

Large orders may have slight delays.