Green Foam Mesh Ventilated Bee Suit


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Sweltering under the heat of the midday sun you struggle to keep comfortable while beekeeping unless....

You have our New Green Foam Mesh Bee Suit! The lightest and coolest suit possible

Green doesn't attract the bees at night and doesn't show all the little Propolis marks.

This is a similar concept to the 3 layer mesh suits, but instead of beads to separate the mesh it has foam, making it very light and very breathable. Almost as though you're not wearing it!

The Suit is very high quality and has the following features:

Heavy duty fine visor mesh. Excellent visibility.
Coat hook loop at back of veil.
Knee Pads
Folding visors have full sun protection at top.
No collar and open neck design to keep cool.
Top quality brass YKK zips.
Folding veil sits firm on suit and doesn't blow around in the wind.
Folding veil allows easy head movement and gives good clearance to nose!
Veil can be easily unzipped & flipped over head when driving.
30cm zip at base of legs to allow easy removal over boots.
Extra layer over knee.
Hoops on the veil to fit our Multifunction Headtorch

Designed by beekeepers in NZ. Made in Pakistan under license.

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Green Foam Mesh Ventilated - All Sizes Front Pose
Green Foam Mesh Ventilated Bee Suit
Green Foam Mesh Ventilated Shirt and Glove Zoomed in
Green Foam Mesh Ventilated Suit Pent
Green Foam Mesh Ventilated Bee Suit
Green Foam Mesh Ventilated pent pocked zoomed in