Hive Mat - 21mm Rim


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Top Quality Hive Mat assembled in NZ.

Assembled with 21mm thick wooden frame and 4.5mm smooth oil tempered hardboard. 507mm x 407mm. 15 per carton.

  • The rim is made from Russian Pine. Very strong and durable.
  • The rim has radiused outer edges. Nice to handle.
  • Each corner has two 38mm long galvanised staples. Very secure.
  • The hardboard is oil tempered and smooth both sides. Durable and doesn’t get chewed by the bees.



Treated - This is where the wooden rim has been dipped in hot micro-crystalline wax prior to assembly. This makes it far more durable and longer lasting.

Untreated - The Russian Pine treat is left in its natural state untreated. 

Feeder Hole

No hole - The hive mat remains as a normal conventional hive mat

Feeder Hole - this is where the hive mat has a hole put in a corner with a plug to suit. This allows for filling a frame feeder by just lifting the lid and taking the plug off. Usually barley disturbing the bees.

Hive Mat - 21mm Rim
Hive Mat - 21mm Rim
Hive Mat - 21mm Rim