Hivemaster Drip Tray Pallet.


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Hivemaster Drip Tray Pallet - Made in NZ
With base vents / plugs to enable rapid and even heating and better dehumidification.
3 pallets fit perfectly across a 2.5m wide truck deck.
Double rib corners give exceptional Strength.
Angle Steel Brackets can be added for additional load capacity.
Honey Super locator lugs.
The lugs lock pallets together when stacked out of season.
Made from tough food-grade Polyethylene.
Load rating: 1000kg+

Rubber Feet available here

Two Options Available:

With Gap in Pallet
This has a center space for a piece of timber to put in. This allows you to stack the boxes up tight against the timber yet still have a space in between the stacks to get your hands in OR a cradle from the likes of a EZI-Loader
Dimensions: 1063mm x 820mm x 200mm

Without Gap in Pallet
Boxes all stack tightly on a the pallet without any gaps.
Dimensions: 1010mm x 820mm x 200mm

Hivemaster Drip Tray Pallet.
Hivemaster Drip Tray Pallet.