Hobbyist Oxalic Acid & Glycerine Package


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The perfect package for those wanting to give our popular beequip strips a try but only have a few hives. Containing almost everything you need to get up and running, we have made it easy for you to get stuck in.

The package includes enough ingredients to soak 172 strips according to the instruction guide. 

Once your setup with this method, the materials only cost around $3 to treat a two storey beehive once with 6 strips! This can be even less if you buy in bulk!

To find out more about using Oxalic Acid & Glycerine in your hives check out our latest instruction guide here.

This package includes:

- 13 litre soak tub and Lid
- 4-litre pail and Lid
- 3kg Glycerine
- 2kg Oxalic Acid (OA)
- 2 bundles of 86 Beequip Strips. (172 total)
- Digital Thermometer
- Wooden Trivet & stirrer
- 3 Wooden blocks for draining the strips
- Instruction Booklet