Honda Pump for Sugar Feeding


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Genuine 50mm Honda Petrol pump ready to hook straight up to your sugar tank or whatever you plan to pump.

Comes with a silicone carbide seal which is perfect for pumping sugar.

Produces a total of 4.8 horsepower - plenty of power for those cold mornings when the syrup is thick.


  • Cast iron impeller & volute
  • 500L/min, maximum flow rate (water)
  • 28m head, maximum pressure (water)
  • Self priming. (Just fill cavity with water and it will suck from there.)
  • Low oil cut out system.
  • 3.5 litre fuel tank.

Options are:

- With a Heavy duty roll frame option.

- Without a Frame

Honda Pump for Sugar Feeding
Honda Pump for Sugar Feeding