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NZ pine Kitset frames at Ideal Height - 136mm High. 35mm end bar.

These are the perfect height for doing cut-comb honey. You can get four 340g squares per frame. Fit 10 frames per box to keep the comb uniform.

The common procedure is to assemble the frames without wire and fit a strip of beeswax foundation in the top groove that will hang about 25mm below the top bar. It is secured in place by running a bead of molten beeswax into the groove. In a good flow, the bees will draw the comb from the top down to give nice perfect comb honey in a uniform shape on each frame. Click here   for the correct thin super foundation and cut each sheet into the desired size strip.

Click here if you need some beeswax.

Our comb honey cutters fit in between the top and bottom bar.

You can purchase Ideal size boxes here