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Congratulations on enrolling in the Land Based Training Apiculture course!

As you will be aware some equipment is provided in the course but not all of the essentials. We have made it easy for you and setup these special packages to provide you with the rest of the essential equipment you will need. The items included are based on feedback from Tutors and what we see best for you.

This package is for people running 3/4 Depth hives and includes a Suit and Gloves

Included in the package:

2 x Assembled 3/4 Depth Boxes
These are extra supers for your hive. The frames below will go in these and they will need to go on the hive as it grows. They are untreated and will need painting like the box in your course.

8 x Wooden frames with Medium Brood Wax Fitted
These are for the first wooden box above - they are for the second brood nest. You will build the first brood box in your course. We have done wood and wax as this is the most natural and best for the brood nest. There is only 8 as we are allowing for a frame feeder mentioned below

10 x Plastic Frames with Beeswax Coating
These frames are for the second box mentioned above. These are for honey collection super and will go above the queen excluder when your hive is ready to collect honey. We have done plastic frames as these are the strongest and cope with rigorous honey extraction. More honey supers maybe required as your hive continues to pull in honey.

1 x 3/4 Frame Feeder
This is an essential part of a hive as in winter the hive can use up all its stores and need to be fed Sugar Syrup to stay alive. As mentioned above, we have only done 8 frames for the second brood box so you can fit this in. It may need to be put in your first brood box if your hive is only 1 story high.

1 x SS Queen excluder with wooden rim
When your hive is ready to produce honey you will need to put on the honey super mentioned above. This excluder will go between the brood boxes and the hive to stock the queen going into the honey and laying eggs. you only want honey bees in there!

1 x Emlock Strapper
Keep this around your hive at all times when you are not going through it. it will keep everything secure and tidy.

1 x Pack of 4 Apivar Strips
this is a varroa treatment for your bees. It is normal that within the first 6 months of having your bees, you will need to treat them for varroa. these strips will treat both brood boxes.

1 x Standard Bee Suit - Size required. See size chart here.
Our standard suits will keep you protected from sting's allowing you to work with the bees in confidence.

1 x Pair of Gloves. Long Ventilated - Size required. See size chart here.
Our ventilated gloves give optimal protection while having good dexterity when beekeeping.

1 x Smoker 25cm
Smokers are an essential tool of the Beekeepers. The Smoke will calm the bees when going through them, allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience.

1 x Kelly Hive tool - 24cm
When going through your hive, the hive tool will make it easy to crack the supers and remove frames for inspection.

If there's something in the package that you already have, get in touch via the form below and we can work out a custom package.