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Heavy Duty Handheld Beehive Brander powered by LPG gas.

As you may or may not know, MPI have release a Notice to do with Exporting Honey with the following:
""Beekeepers permanently mark all honey boxes presented for extraction with the beekeepers allocated identification code under the AFBPMP or a different code which achieves equivalent or better identification""
This rule came into effect on the 11th of December 2018.

Get your Hives compliant with Our Branders Now!

This brander is used largely for branding beehives.
Being power by gas it is very portable and great for branding in the field.
Has two handles for ease of use.

The yellow handled one in the pictures is an older model but still very similar.

CHARACTERS ARE NOT INCLUDED - 27mm Bronze Characters recommended (extra)

Check out the video HERE

LPG Brander
LPG Brander
LPG Brander
LPG Brander