NoPests Wasp Lure


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Scientifically formulated and non-toxic. Attractive to wasps, not bees.

A specially formulated, non-toxic liquid lure which is attractive to Common and German wasps, but NOT to bees or Paper wasps. For use in the refillable NoPests® Wasp Dome Traps or our Stainless Steel Technoset Wasp trap. Available in 1L & 5L packs.

Tip: Use in high summer months to control active wasp populations and also in winter months to control queen wasps, preventing population growth.

Directions for Use with the Wasp Dome Trap - purchase that here.

  1. Unlock the Wasp Dome Trap, pour in 250ml of NoPests® Wasp Lure.
  2. Lock Wasp Dome Trap lid to closed position.
  3. Locate trap in direct sunlight in areas where wasps frequent, using hanging cord provided.
  4. Inspect the dome trap regularly and remove dead insects.
  5. Replace lure monthly, or when levels drop due to evaporation.
  6. If the dome trap is full and there is no free liquid, remove contents and rinse with clean water before refilling with NoPests® Wasp Lure.


Avoid spiling the lure or leaving shallow puddles of it anywhere as this can end up crystallizing and losing the efficacy of the bee deterrent.

If using this with the Technoset wasp trap – put the lure in a small container rather than the tray provided so it doesn’t crystallize.