Hambly Queen Dial


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Introducing the Hambly Queen Dial - the ultimate tool for beekeepers, from beginners to experts. Whether you're just starting out or planning queen rearing, this device is a must-have.

With its comprehensive charts, the Queen Dial helps you track important hive information. Easily identify how long your hive has been without a queen or monitor the speed of queen egg-laying. Even unexpected cells can be managed confidently with the guidance provided.

Originally designed by Deborah for her queen rearing classes, the Queen Dial is suitable for both professional and hobbyist beekeepers. It offers valuable assistance, even if queen rearing is not your primary focus.

No more guesswork about the queen's absence! Simply write your dates and details directly onto the card and wipe the data when you need to reuse it.

This enhanced version of the Queen Dial includes additional diagrams and photos for a more comprehensive beekeeping experience. Explore detailed visuals of drones, workers, and queens, as well as varroa mites on bees, larvae, and capped cells. Discover the lifespan development and adult life cycle of each bee caste, differentiate between swarm cells and supercedure cells, and analyze laying worker versus new queen laying patterns. You'll also find an international queen color chart, highlighted queen cells at various developmental stages, and essential information on the care, caution, and weather required for successful mating.

Upgrade your beekeeping skills and gain invaluable insights with the Hambly Queen Dial.