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The RobberGards™ is an ingenious device to fool wasps and robber bees and stop them from getting into the colony.

These unwanted visitors are guided to potential food in the hive largely by sense of smell.

They go straight to the vent holes at bottom of the RobberGards™and try to get in, without realizing the entrance is at the top.

These intruders very soon give up and go looking for food elsewhere.

The bees learn within 24 hours how to access their own hive and it doesn’t stop them carrying out all their normal duties.

Eye Screws to secure the RobberGards to brood box can be PURCHASED HERE

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Varroa mite re-invasion

This is a huge issue in Autumn and it is believed to be the largest contributor to colony losses.

The varroa mite re-invasion is a result of visits from robber bees and/or from social bee visits.

This was highlighted at the 2021 NZ Bee Conference by an excellent study done by Dr Dennis vanEngelsdorp and shown in this video:- 

Watch content from 27 min to 33 min. (Remember the study was done in Autumn in USA.)

The RobberGard is especially designed to deter these robber bees and social bees.


Some of the features and benefits of the RobberGards:-

  1. The registered design is made from high quality stainless steel to withstand the corrosive elements outside and last for a very long time, virtually indefinitely.
  2. Deters robber bees that want to steal the food supplies inside.
  3. Deters social bees from other colonies that want to come and have a look and will mostly spread varroa mites.
  4. Deters wasps from robbing food from the colony.
  5. Stops mice getting in and damaging the honey combs.
  6. Helps to control spread of AFB disease. If a colony gets AFB and has this robber guard, it is far less likely to get robbed out and spread the disease, before the beekeeper finds it and burns it.
  7. Allows a lot more ventilation over winter (in hives with solid bases) to reduce condensation in the hives which is detrimental to the health of the colony.
  8. Easy to block up with foam rubber if the beehive has to be shifted. The bees can still get lots of ventilation through the robber guard vent holes.
  9. Very easy to mount, switch entries or remove with the use of the stainless steel eye screws supplied by Beequip NZ.
  10. Has a summer position or rotate 180 degrees for the robbing season and winter. The entrance is just 25mm wide in this setting.
  11. One of the 3 sizes will fit virtually every type of beehive base (floor) that is commonly used in NZ.

These can also be used as:

  • Mouse guards
  • Wasp Guards
  • Anti-wasp screens
  • Anti-robbing screens
  • Robber Guards

Units packed in a carton:

RobberGard 153 - 200 / Carton
RobberGard 225 - 150 / Carton
RobberGard 360 - 100 / Carton

Pricing is per individual unit.