SIT Student Package 2023

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All the equipment required for the course in one special package!

This includes everything as per the requirements apart from the Nucleus Beehive - we recommend sourcing this locally if possible.

Included in the package:

1 x Standard Bee Suit - Size required. See size chart here.
1 x Pair of Gloves. Long Ventilated - Size required. See size chart here.
1 x Smoker 25cm
1 x Maxant Hive tool - 27cm
1 x Kitset Commercial Base - H4 Runners
1 x Full Depth Kitset Box - RP Timber
2 x 3/4 Depth Kitset Box - RP Timber
10 x Full Depth kitset frames - 33mm endbars
20 x 3/4 Depth Uncoated Plastic Frames - 33mm endbars
11 x Full Depth Beeswax Foundation sheets - Medium Brood
1 x Raw Beeswax 1kg block 
1 x Full Depth 3.5L Frame Feeder
1 x Assembled Hivemat
1 x SS Queen excluder with wooden rim
1 x Galvanised Roof
1 x Mouse Guard inc screws to suit
1 x Emlock Strapper
1 x Pack of Nails for Frames
1 x Pack of Screws for Boxes
1 x Roll of Frame Wire - 250g

If there's something in the package that you already have, get in touch via the form below and we can work out a custom package.