SS Queen Excluder with dipped Wooden Rim and Entry


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A wooden queen excluder with closable entry - perfect for those wanting to do two queeners or just having the option of a second entry!

Be sure to read our Blog Post on why stainless steel matters for Excluders. Click here to view

These wooden rimmed excluders are great for those doing acid treatments or just for anyone wanting a good long lasting excluder. 

Very gentle on the bees' wings!

As acid treatments are now coming more frequent amongst beekeepers, so are the rusty galvanised queen excluders.

This stainless steel excluder won't have this problem saving hassles down the track. 

507 x 406 x 18mm thick. 4.3mm Mesh gap. 75mm Entry Gate.

The wooden rim is dipped in Microcrystalline wax to protect it from rot.

We also have Excluders with a Stainless Steel rim available.