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Standard Technosetbee floor with solid base. Compact and durable construction.

Can be used on any standard 10 frame Langstroth bee hive.

A Technosetbee Vented Floor is also available. Click here.

Floors are supplied with a pair of entry guards. They prevent wasp entry and can be switched to prevent bees escaping while shifting a hive. Will also keep Mice out. They can be removed during the honey flow. There are two types available. Please specify which style you want. Extra pairs of entry guards can be ordered separately. Latches are supplied as an optional extra in pairs if required. Latches with the short levers are used for the Technosetbee floors.

Overall dimensions without the spigot dowels fitted and without latches:  543mm x 418mm x 90mm high. Height of the floor rim is 20mm. 

Weight of vented floor with Reversible Entry Guards:  1.94kg

Solid floor above bolted to aluminium pallet with 2 spigot dowels shown.
Standard Entry Guards above get locked in place by Brood Box
Reversible Entry Guards above can be quickly removed or rotated.
Entry Guards like the above can be left out when restrictions are not required.
Guard is Open above. Keep out Mice and control Wasps
Guard is closed above to stop bee movement. Vent holes visible.
Reversible Entry Guard above. Note larger hole on left to allow Drones to exit.
Zinc plated carry handles below make it easy for one person to carry a single storey beehive safely.
The carry handles locate securely on ribs under the floor. Shown above on the side of floor.
Carry handle shown  above as located under rib at the back of the floor.
Air gap below floor structure is 45mm
Beehive Stands like the above are available

Technosetbee beehives set up on an aluminium pallet with a 50mm gap in the middle.