Technoset Roof with Vents


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Solid sturdy cover that fits on the Technosetbee hive, or any other standard hive as a roof. The twin-skinned roof is fitted with insulation between the layers to provide extra protection for the brood nest against extreme cold ot hot temperatures.

The roof incorporates 2 vents at each end to allow moist air to exit and stop any condensation.

The 4 recesses on the top are to locate a Technosetbee Floor and stop it slipping off when shifting beehives from one location to another.

Also available with the optional Feeder Valve fitted. More than one valve can be fitted if required. This makes it very easy to refill the top feeders without lifting the cover.

Can be used on any standard 10 frame Langstroth bee hive.

Manufactured from high quality food grade polypropylene. Weight: 2.85 Kg.

10 year warranty.

Optional connector latches are available if required. Screw holes are pre-drilled to suit.

Technoset Roof with Vents
Technoset Roof with Vents
Technoset Roof with Vents