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Very sturdy construction with a vented base. This allows better ventilation in the hive and for the bees to control humidity more efficiently.

Allows excellent ventilation when shifting beehives. The plastic dowels locate the Technosetbee brood box. The dowels can be removed and the floor has 5 locator studs built into the floor to locate standard wooden brood boxes.

Commonly used around the world with standard wooden equipment.

13% of the available base area is open to air flow and is designed to deflect strong winds away from the bees.

Standard solid plastic base floor is also available.

Supplied ready to use and completely non-toxic to bees. With a life expectancy of over 20 years, these products save the beekeeper a lot of time and money. No assembly, paint or preservatives are required. They won't rot or split.

Manufactured from high quality food grade polypropylene. 1.87kg

Optional connector latches are available if required. Screw holes are pre-drilled to suit. Latches with short levers are used on the Technosetbee floors.

10 year warranty.

Please note:- Stock colours may be different to the photos shown.

A pair of Entry Guards are supplied with every floor. (No extra cost) There are two types available and need to be specified when the floors are ordered. There is a reversible type and the standard type. These are locked in place by the Super. The top piece clicks down to prevent bee movement while shifting. They keep mice out and help the bees to control wasp entry. They can be switched to prevent bees escaping while shifting a hive and can be removed during the honey flow to allow maximum entry size.

Vented floor with Standard Entry Guards(above) 
Solid base floor bolted to aluminium pallet with 2 spigot dowels shown above. One reversible entry guard fitted.
An old wooden standard size brood box above fitted over the 5 locator pegs. Inside dimensions 465 x 365mm.
Standard Entry Guards above get locked in place by the Brood Box
Reversible Entry Guards above can be quickly removed or rotated.
Entry Guards can be left out when restrictions are not required like above.
Bottom side of vented floor above.
Back corner of the floor.
Vented floor above with Standard Entry Guards. Two locator studs visible.
Guard above is Open. Keep out Mice and control Wasps
Guard above is closed to stop bee movement. Vent holes visible.
Reversible Entry Guard above. Note larger hole on left to allow Drones to exit. Fitted to a floor below. 
Zinc plated carry handles below make it easy for one person to carry a single storey beehive safely.
The carry handles locate securely on ribs under the floor. Shown above on the side of floor
Carry handle shown  above as located under rib at the back of the floor.
Air gap below floor structure is 45mm
Height of the floor rim is 20mm
Beehive Stands are available