Pollen Trap - External


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Please note Beehive Floor and Full Depth Brood box are not included in the purchase.

Designed to fit onto most beehives.

Designed to suit a base with a 20mm riser.

Removable pollen collection tray holds up to 400 grams of pollen. The worker bee has to crawl up though a hole to get back into the hive. In the process, most of the the pollen gets scraped from her collection baskets and drops into the collection tray.
If the beehive is not getting enough pollen, the active plate with entry holes can be by-passed through a movable front door controlled by a side-lever. Incorporates a drone side entrance with a secure sliding door.

Manufactured from high quality food grade polypropylene. Weight: 1.2 Kg

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Pollen Trap - External
Pollen Trap - External