Cut Comb Frame - Full Depth


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Technosetbee Full Depth #2 Frame for Comb Honey Production:

This new revolutionary frame is designed for comb honey production. The beekeeper simply cuts a sheet of wax foundation into two pieces as shown in the photos and inserts each piece through an opening in the top of the frame. (One small offcut is not required.) The two squares are 203mm x 195mm each. A plastic capping locks it into place.

The Thin Super wax foundation can be purchased already cut to the correct size here.

When honey is capped, simply slice with an electric knife or a hot knife into the desired sizes. 

Each of the 4 rectangles (or windows) in the frame are 184mm high. The 2 outer rectangles are 88mm wide. the 2 inner rectangles are 97mm wide. If the comb is cut to 105mm long to suit the larger square containers, the comb honey will weigh between 300g and 340g, depending on thickness. 

Cut-comb honey containers are available here. Cut the honey comb up to suit the container sizes.

Manufactured from high quality food grade polypropylene.  End bars are 36mm wide. 10 frames will fit snugly per box. Alternatively you could fit 9 frames per box and space them evenly to produce thicker slabs of comb honey.

Comb Honey is very much sort after and sells for very high prices. These frames make the job so much easier and more efficient.

Frame net weight: 0.35 Kg

Caution! Do not use these frames in areas where the bees could collect poisonous Tutin. 

In NZ tutin zones, any honey harvested after 31st Dec must be tutin tested. When the honey is cut from the frames, the honey dribbles from every cut must be collected, blended and a sample sent to an authorised laboratory for tutin testing before the honey is sold or given away.

Tutin can potentially be collected anywhere by the bees above the latitude line of 42 degrees south in NZ. (Where the Passion Vine Hoppers live)


Cut Comb Frame - Full Depth
Cut Comb Frame - Full Depth
Cut Comb Frame - Full Depth
Cut Comb Frame - Full Depth
Cut Comb Frame - Full Depth