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These Dividers work in with the Technoset Ecosystem. Made to slot into the brood boxes, they divide it in half or into thirds to give you mini nucs all under the same roof.

These also fit a standard brood box.
In some cases they may need a slight trim but usually fine.
A bottom storey divider suits a floor with a 20mm riser.
Our 3x3 adapter kit is designed to go on a standard box.

3/4 and full depth options are available for those doing either systems

Bottom Story: This is the divider board used in the bottom story of the Technosetbee Nucleus hives. It is what comes with most of the nuc packages and is always used on the bottom box.

Second Story: This is used to go in the second story on top of the bottom story divider. This means you can have a ten frame hive with 5 frames above the other. There are many advantages of this, the main one being that bees expand quicker vertically. This means your 5 frame nuc will become a 10 frame hive far quicker than if you put it with 5 empty frames in a single story 10 frame hive.

Divider Board
Divider Board
Divider Board
Divider Board