InstantVap Vaporizer 12 volt


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InstantVap 12 volt battery powered, oxalic acid vaporizer. Top quality product manufactured in Europe.

This unit makes Vaporizing a breeze for any beekeeper! Its only been on the market since end of 2021 and has been a massive hit in America and Europe. Beequip are excited to be part of the journey by becoming NZ's Sole Distributor!

The InstantVap 12v version comes with a 4m lead and clips so you can easily clip it on to any 12 volt battery. 

Check out our InstantVap Operational Guide for more info

We also sell these in a version that is powered by common 18 volt power tool batteries. Click Here   to view them on our website.

Respirators must be worn when vaporizing - Check out our range here

For a quick overview on the InstantVap, watch our video below:

Included with each Vaporizer:
1 x Vaporizer
1 x Plunger
1 x 500g of OA
2 x Silicone Caps
2 x Silicone Sleeves
2 x Spare O-Rings
2 x Cleaning Caps

The finer details:

  • Power: 12V; 240W; 20A
  • With a fully charged 80Ah deep cycle battery, ~300 hives can be treated with 2 grams of oxalic acid, one treatment takes approx. 20 seconds
  • Stainless steel acid-resistant frame and dispenser
  • Accurate, no-overrun dynamic solid-state relay PID temperature control; i.e. no overheating, no waiting for cool-down
  • Real-time temperature display, controlled temperature, temperature can be individually adjusted from 100-240℃, default temperature: 230℃, recommended temperature: 220-230℃
  • Fast, tool-free, roll-on adjustment of the oxalic acid dispenser, with 1-4 gram scale, dispensing oxalic acid with one push. Replacements or extras are available here They fit perfectly in the handle as well as in the dispenser chamber.
  • 6mm diameter strong brass outlet pipe, not prone to clogging as there is no pipe bend. Easy to access and clean in case of a blockage, the entire length of the tube is accessible
  • Requires a 7mm diameter hole in the hive wall. See the video above for a range of options for location of the application.
  • There should be a minimum of 100mm free space in front of the nozzle otherwise some of the Oxalic will crystalize on the surface and be wasted.
  • Stable in the hive hole, does not fall out or tilt sideways, can support its own weight (do not lean on it!)
  • Voltage indicator to protect the battery. Periodic monitoring of the voltage indicator is necessary, because the battery must not be over discharged! The exact voltage value which the battery can be discharged to, is specified by the battery manufacturer. Please check the instructions for your battery.
  • Can be used with a car starter battery for up to 100-150 hives
  • Insulated furnace, works well in cold, windy weather.

InstantVap Vaporizer 12 volt
InstantVap Vaporizer 12 volt
InstantVap Vaporizer 12 volt
InstantVap Vaporizer 12 volt